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Amiina Bakunowicz 
ARB RIBA BS(Hons) MSc(1st) leading to PhD

Amiina Bakunowicz is a  founder, managing director,  a senior executive architect, architectural design lead and an IT manager with 20 years of professional experience in both commercial and residential sectors.

Amiina has developed and is successfully practicing a unique




It is an advanced approach to architectural design of buildings and outdoor spaces that enhances their occupiers’ both physical and emotional well-being  via creating safe, visually appealing and comfortable internal and external environments (BREEAM and Passivhaus accreditation available).


1. Low-carbon footprint for  occupier's physical comfort and Earth’s ecology (leading to BREEAM accreditation by achieving high levels of visual comfort, indoor air quality, thermal comfort, acoustic performance and security)

Aerial View of Islands

2. Biophilic Design for occupier's emotional comfort

Biophilic AL7 profile pics (6).JPG

3. Golden Section (Fibonacci) in Revit® 3d modelling for visual comfort

Tanglewood GoldenSection diagram.jpg

4. ALGORITHMIC OPTIMISATION in 3D of the design components 1...3 listed above

profile pic should_Amiina Bakunowicz_202

​Amiina Bakunowicz 

ARB RIBA BS(Hons) MSc(1st) 

ArchiLAB 7 founder, managing director and executive architect

Author of "Computation in Architectural Design: Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithm" book (short intro video)


Currently writing "Architectural Design as a Complex System: Computation, Proportion, Biophilic Design and Mental Health" book

Amiina’s working and management style accentuates maximum possible efficiency, quality and attention to detail. She is meticulously involved in each stage of every project, running the jobs from start to finish. She has an exceptional knowledge of BIM Protocol in addition to be able to use Revit at the highest professional level.


Also Amiina is proficient in computational architectural design using scripting (Python, Processing etc.), parametric (Grasshopper, GC) and traditional (pen and paper, Revit, AutoCAD) methods. Her special professional interests are in PhD lead research and practical design application of Evolutionary Algorithms, Cellular Automata, Neural Networks, Diffusion and Reaction processes and other topics that explore the processes of emergence of form and spatial organisation in Complex Systems. Other professional interests include Green Architecture, mathematics in Nature and how they influence our mental health.


She is a keen gardener, surfer, windsurfer, and skateboarder. Grade 7 in both classical guitar and piano. Mother of 3 and an owner of 5 cats, 2 dogs, Cuban Amazon, 20-odd reptiles, inverts and amphibians. 


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Gok Faromika BS(Hons) MSc(1st) MCIAT
Technical Design Lead

Gok is a seasoned architectural technologist/designer whose professional experience spans over 20years. He is responsible for leading a diverse range of both large commercial and domestic projects. Gok is proficient in technical detailing and architectural design, as well as in contract and project administration (including CDM). His strong technical knowledge, understanding of statutory matters and his passion for implementing BIM and Lean methodologies allow him to deploy innovative approaches to design problems, thus achieving high quality project outcomes and helping our clients realise good value from their investments.

profile pic_shold_gok_2020.jpg


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