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Reading Room: Stigmergy

Love, J. Pasquier, P. Wyvill, B.Tzanetakis, G. (2011). Aesthetic Agents_Swarm-based Non-photorealistic Rendering (pdf) Werfel, J._2006_Extended Stigmergy in Collective Construction.In Life Intelligent Systems (pdf) Ramos, V. Stigmergic Self-Organised Data-Mining (pdf) Ramos, V; Almeida,F . Artificial Ant Colonies in Digital Image Habitats – A Mass Behaviour Effect Study on Pattern Recognition (pdf) Ramos, V; Merelo, J. (2002) Self-Organized Stigmergic Document Maps: Environment as a Mechanism for Context Learning (pdf) Justin Werfel; Radhika Nagpal (2006) Extended Stigmergy in Collective Construction (pdf) Ramos, V; Fernandes, C; Rosa, A. (2007) Social Cognitive Maps, Swarm Collective Perception and Distributed Search on Dynamic Landscapes (pdf) Greenfield, G (2012) Stigmmetrgy Prints from Patterns of Circles (pdf)

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